Five Things To Know Before Investing In An Outdoor Boiler

If you have been looking for alternatives to conventional heating systems, you may have come across outdoor boiler systems. These are boilers that usually use firewood as a source of fuel, and they can be a great heating solution for homes in rural areas, but they are not the best for every home. You will want to know about some of the benefits of outdoor boilers before you make an investment in a new boiler. Here are five things that will help you decide if an outdoor wood boiler is right for you:

1. The Basics

Wood burning boilers can be a great choice for homes in rural areas. It may be good for you if you have a rural home and a lot of firewood available. It will also require a lot of work and maintenance to keep it running. You will need to keep firewood on hand and keep the fire going in the boiler. You will also have to clean out the ashes and do other maintenance work. If you are not able to do these things, you may want to consider an alternative like biomass, which will require less work.

2. Where Will You Install Your Boiler

The area where you install your boiler is also an important decision you will have to make. You may want to choose a location that is a safe distance from your home. If you have an area to store firewood, locating the boiler near your firewood is a good idea. You will also want to consider that the further your boiler is away from your home, the less efficient it will be and the more it will cost to install mechanicals for your boiler.

3. The Best Way To Get Mechanicals To Your Boiler

You will also need to have mechanical systems installed in your boiler. You will need to have electricity and plumbing for your boiler. To reduce energy loss, it is a good idea to bury the mechanicals in conduit. You can also add insulation to further enhance energy performance. If your boiler is near your home, and the mechanicals are above ground, you may want to consider building an insulated housing to protect them.

4. Choosing Central Or Radiant Heating For Your Home

An outdoor boiler can be used to provide your home with radiant heating using radiators, as well as with central heating connected to an HVAC system. If you already have air conditioning in your home with ductwork, installing a heat exchanger that is connected to, and your boiler may be the least expensive option for your home. If you have a home that does not have central ducts, using radiators or other types of radiant heating systems may be a better option for you.  If you already have radiators installed in your home, radiant heating will be the least expensive heating solution.

5. Using Your Boiler To Provide Your Home With Domestic Hot Water

If you want to also use your boiler for hot water, it is likely that it will need to be adapted with a special heat exchanger. A storage tank can also be installed to store the hot water much like the tank of conventional water heater. There are also other types of heat exchangers that can be installed in your boiler to provide your home with hot water for domestic use. This is because you want the water for your heating system and for domestic use to be separate because the heating system can contaminate your water, and it can be too hot. The heat exchanger solves these problems, and gives you clean hot water at a safe temperature.

These are some things to consider about outdoor wood boilers for your home. If you want to have an outdoor boiler or other type of boiler for your home, contact a heating repair contractor to talk with them about some of the options you have.