Electric Garage Door Roller Tracks: How To Maintain Them

If you have an electric garage door from a firm like Allied Garage Door Co, the roller tracks are a very important element. These tracks allow your garage door to roll up and down when you push the button or use the electric door opener. Over time, these tracks can start wearing out from repeated use, so they need to be maintained. Here are tips for maintaining the tracks on your rolling garage door.

Inspect the Tracks

The first thing you should do is inspect the tracks thoroughly to see if any wear or damage has been done to them. Move any objects or vehicles out of the way so you can reach them, and get up on a sturdy ladder, being careful as you do so. This will let you see what you need to clean or replace, such as replacing nuts and bolts, or cleaning build-up from the edge of the tracks.

Clean the Tracks

If you noticed any debris or build-up, now is the perfect time to get them clean. Build-up often occurs with metal tracks that have unsealed bearings. Grab an old toothbrush and use it to clean and dislodge build-up around the outside of the tracks. This build-up is usually from grease, dust and dirt. Once the build-up has been brushed off, use a clean rag to wipe away the remnants. To finish the cleaning job of the tracks, spray the bearings with a silicone spray. The only time you don't need lubricant is if the rolling tracks are nylon and have sealed bearings.

Repeat the cleaning process for the inside of the roller tracks, paying close attention to little corners and crevices you might find there. The toothbrush should also work on the inside of the tracks, as well as a cotton swap or toothpick for sharp corners. Use your rag again to remove leftover debris from inside the tracks. Disc brake cleaner is perfect for lubricating the inside of the tracks and getting them as clean as possible.

Check the Alignment

Now that the tracks are clean, you can check the function of the garage door tracks. Start by checking the alignment. If you have had issues with the doors opening and closing properly, it might be due to misalignment. The horizontal tracks should be level and slant slightly toward the back of your garage. They also need to hang the same distance from the ceiling on both sides. If you notice alignment issues, it is easy enough to loosen the bolts and correct the problem. Repeat the same process for the vertical tracks. A rubber mallet is a great tool for putting them back in alignment.