Find A Balance With Hardscaping And Greenery For A Perfect Outdoor Area

Most people don't realize that within the landscaping category lies a sub-category that is just as crucial as your plant design – hardscape. Hardscape refers to the "hard" substances used in your landscaping, such as patios, walkways and even decking. Most landscapes include some type of hardscape in their overall design, so it is important to know how and when to use hardscape to keep the right balance and utility. Here are some of the ways that hardscaping can improve the look of your home as well as reduce overall maintenance work for you.

Replace Lawn with Hardscape

Mowing the grass is a chore that can take out big chunks of your time. If you want to enjoy the lush greenness of a lawn but without all the mowing, you can opt to add large areas of patio or flagstone walkways and paths instead. The more hardscape materials you have added to your lawn, the less mowing you will have to do.

Additionally, if you use a safe weed removal spray around the edges of your stone or concrete hardscape walkways or patios, you can also eliminate your need for pulling or cutting weeds.

Safe Outdoor Areas for Entertainment

If you and your family love entertaining outdoors in the warm months of the year, hardscaping is a must. You can easily utilize pavers, bricks, stone or even gravel to create a lovely patio area and walkways. These patio areas can be lined with solar lighting and colorful plant borders to add a festive look and aesthetic appeal.

Patio areas finished with hardscaping give a safe place to set your tables and chairs, and offer a low risk walking and sitting area for children and elderly. You can also add potted plants around the exterior to add even more color and design.

Additionally, level hardscape areas can be enjoyed even after periods of rain, whereas a lawn area would be soggy and create a soft surface that can allow patio chairs to sink into. Patios and hardscaping do not.

Find a Happy Medium

In order to ensure that your hardscaping area doesn't end up looking like a parking lot, it is crucial to incorporate some areas of plant life. The combination of hardscaping and landscaping is what makes your patio or outdoor areas look lush and colorful. Always try to find a happy medium between low maintenance hardscaping without forgetting to add in plants and lawn areas as well.

Use these tips and you can have the perfectly balanced patio or walkway areas. Contact professional landscapers, such as Michael's Landscape Design, to get hardscaping installed on your property.