Three Alternative Septic Systems That Are Green And Can Be Combined With Irrigation Systems

If you have a home that does not have water and sewer service available, things like septic systems are important.  Septic systems can also be a lot of work to maintain and waste a lot of water. If your home is on a well service, water can be precious, which is why you may want to conserve as much as possible with things like using gray water for watering. This is something that you may want to consider for your septic system. Here are three alternative septic systems that can help to reduce waste and maintenance:

1. Grey Water Tanks For Irrigation

Waste water is a major cause of wear and tear to a septic system. A lot of the waste that goes to your septic system is caused by grey water from showers, sinks and household appliances. This water does not need to go directly to the septic system, and can be stored in separate tanks to use for irrigation of your garden and lawn. The grey water from your home can be a great source of irrigation water, and separating it from other waste can reduce strain on your septic system and provide you with a greener septic system.

2. Open Drain Field For Natural Filtration

An open drain field with natural filtration can be something like a basin with grasses and other plants that filter waste naturally. This is a good solution for systems that are on large properties and have a lot of space. It can also help to prevent waste from contaminating groundwater where  wells are used or where the water table is near the surface. The plants can filter the waste, which then can drain to a basin where it can be used for different types of irrigation needs that you may have on your property.

3. Mound System With Liner To Prevent Groundwater Contamination

Mound systems can be a good solution for septic systems that are installed where the water table is too high. They can also have a liner installed to trap the filtered water, and then divert it to be used as irrigation water in other areas of your property. If you have a well for irrigation, the mound system will also help to prevent waste water from contaminating the water that you use for other areas around your property, or for things like providing water for livestock.

These are some of the alternative septic systems that you can have installed in your home to reduce waste and maintenance for your system. If you want to use grey water for the irrigation of your lawn or a garden, contact a drip irrigation service such as H2O Lawn Sprinklers to get help with the design of your system.