3 Important Features To Look For When Buying French Patio Doors

Installing French patio doors in your home is a great way to add access to the outside of your house, and it is also a good choice if you are looking for doors that add beauty. The downside to any type of exterior door is that you may end up with a door that leaks. The best way to avoid this is by knowing what to look for in a door. Here are three important features you will find with French patio doors that may help you choose a door that is durable and energy-efficient.


R-value is a measurement that tells you the resistance of heat flow through a door. French doors come in many different materials, including steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. With all types, it is important to look for a door that has an R-value of at least 5 or 6. Higher R-values are always better because they indicate that doors are better at stopping heat from entering or exiting through.

The R-value on a door only represents the door itself. If the door has glass in it (which most French doors do), there should also be an R-factor for the glass. This factor is often listed as the U-factor.


The U-factor represents how much heat is lost through the window on a door, and it is better to look for lower numbers. A lower number indicates that the window is good at stopping heat from entering through. U-factors are often between 0.15 and 1.20

Window Ratings

In addition to the U-factor ratings on the windows, there are additional things to examine with the windows on the door. The first thing is to find out if the window contains low-e coating. This is something that is placed on many windows to help control the amount of ultraviolet rays that can pass through. Low-e coating does not prohibit light from passing through though.

If the window does not have low-e coating, you may be able to have UV coating placed over it. This is a film material that you cannot see, but it serves the same purpose as low-e coating.

You can choose whichever type of French door you want, but if you choose one with good energy ratings, you will not have to worry about losing as much energy. Choosing energy-efficient materials for your house is a great way to save money on your energy bills, and you can begin by shopping at a door store such as Fas Windows and Doors.