Advantages Of Acid-Stained Concrete Flooring

Those looking to extend the life and improve the appearance of a concrete flooring surface can consider acid staining. The application of acid stains on concrete flooring can remedy damage and blemishes that are already present while also offering improved resistance to damage and blemishes in the future.

As a cost-effective, long term solution to improving concrete flooring, concrete staining from companies like Mara Restoration, Inc. offers the following advantages:

  • Improved durability- Acid-stained concrete flooring is extra resistant to wear and tear, and it is extremely strong in terms of compressive strength . Such flooring resists scratches, cracks, peeling, and chipping, and it is also inflammable. Ultraviolet light will not warp the appearance of acid-stained concrete over time. 
  • A more attractive appearance- While concrete flooring is not always associated with beauty, an acid-stained concrete floor can rival the beauty of a granite, travertine, marble, or slate floor. Acid staining allows for a great deal of variety in design, color, tone, and texture.
  • Fewer maintenance requirements- Because acid-stained concrete floors are so durable, they do not require much maintenance. It is easy to clean such floors, and this type of flooring almost never needs to be refinished. 
  • Cost-effectiveness- Compared to other flooring options, acid-stained concrete offers considerable advantages in quality without entailing a high price tag. In particular, stained concrete offers enormous cost-effectiveness for flooring in large facilities with a lot of floor space, such as industrial plants and commercial buildings. 
  • Sustainability- In terms of sustainability, stained concrete is one of the best possible flooring options. Concrete flooring creates little waste in comparison to other flooring types. Also, this type of flooring will not emit volatile organic compounds or need to be replaced. 
  • High indoor air quality- If indoor air quality is important, acid-stained concrete flooring is a good choice. Indoor air contaminants like dust mites, odors, mold, mildew, and VOCs are not typically an issue when stained concrete flooring is used. Also, concrete flooring is suitable for buildings using a radiant heating system that avoids the air contamination often caused by traditional duct systems. 
  • Water resistance- The corrosive potential of water is enormous. Many materials fall prey to the devastating effects of water over time. However, acid-stained concrete flooring is resistant to the ravages brought on by exposure to water, including rust, warp, rot, and mold growth. An acid-stained concrete floor that is well designed and properly installed will remain completely immune to water damage through the years.