Benefits Of Commercial Cleaners: How You Can Improve Your Office

If your office space looks dirty at the end of the week and you don't have the ambition to clean it on your own, hire a professional cleaning company and have peace of mind. The cleaning company can help you do more than keep the space looking tidy.

There may be some services that you need weekly, and others that you only need to have done monthly around the commercial space. You want to have the commercial cleaning company come to your office and give you an estimate to do the following things.


You want a cleaning company that is going to use antibacterial cleaning agents on the surfaces throughout the office, and in the bathrooms. Sickness around the office space could spread because the germs aren't killed from all of the communal areas, like a conference table, office break room or the restroom. Ask what chemicals they use, and what areas they will attend to.


A dirty floor is going to make your commercial property look filthy. Someone who is sitting in the waiting area or in a meeting may glance down and see dirt, hair debris and other things. Vacuuming is going to help control dust in the space, and extend the life of your commercial carpeting.

Carpet Cleaning

People walk on the carpeting in your commercial space after they have walked in dozens of restrooms, in other communal spaces, and they could be spreading dozens of types of bacteria. You should have your carpets cleaned a handful of times a year to kill bacteria, to remove odors from the carpeting, and to prevent staining.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is something that may be difficult to do if you have a lot of tall windows, but it's something that needed regularly. Find a commercial window cleaning company that will do the interior and exterior windows regularly, to remove any smudges or debris. Have them do all of the windows and glass doors in the building.

If you have other cleaning requests, you'll want to tell the cleaning company, like Clearview Maintenance Co., when they give you an estimate for your space. Get more than one estimate so you can see the different options for the project, and so you can compare the costs. You may want to have a company that comes in and cleans the office on a daily basis, but hire a special company to do the windows or carpeting.