Questions About Common Plumbing Problems You May Be Experiencing

Plumbing systems are among the most complex and important components of your home. In addition to causing discomfort, a malfunctioning plumbing system can also cause great damage to your home. Sadly, new homeowners may have very limited experience repairing faulty plumbing, and this can pose a problem when issues arise. Luckily, considering the answers to these two questions about common problems will help you get your plumbing repaired as quickly as possible. 

Can A Leaking Water Heater Be Repaired?

Hot water is essential for bathing, cleaning and cooking, but your hot water heater will gradually wear down as time progresses. In fact, older water heaters will commonly struggle with leaking, and while leaks can increase your monthly water bill, they can also cause devastating water damage to your home. 

Not surprisingly, many homeowners want to know how this problem can be repaired, but they may be disappointed to learn that in many cases it is usually more cost effective to simply buy a new water heater. This is particularly true when the leak is stemming from rust on the interior of the tank. When rust forms, it can weaken the sides of the tank enough to allow water to seep out. Due to the nature of this damage, the tank cannot be repaired without completely rebuilding it, and this is usually not worth the cost for an older unit. 

Why Does Water Pressure Lower As Time Passes?

Many people will notice that after living in a place for several years, the faucets may start to lose water pressure. Often, people assume that this is indicative of a serious plumbing issue, but this is usually not the case. The water flowing out of your faucet contains numerous minerals that can gradually accumulate on the faucet aerator. 

As these materials accumulate, they will clog the small holes in the aerator that allow water to pass through, and this will cause your pressure to start dropping. Luckily, removing these mineral deposits is not particularly difficult. By simply removing the aerator and soaking it in vinegar, you can easily dissolve these minerals and restore your water pressure. 

Routine plumbing problems are something that homeowners will never be able to completely avoid. In particular, water heater leaks and clogged aerators are issues that most homeowners will encounter at some point or another. However, understanding the steps needed to repair these common problems can help ensure that any disruptions to your life or damages to your home are kept to a minimum.