Is Pallet Racking Right For Your Business?

Pallet racking may be very beneficial for your business because it allows you to stack merchandise up in a space-saving design and use a forklift to move it around. There are many different types of pallet racking systems, so it should be easy to find one that works for your business. Before you decide to implement a pallet rack, you need to be aware of the special considerations, advantages, and disadvantages.

Special Considerations

Since pallet racks can easily become dangerous equipment if not treated and used properly, it's important to educate yourself and your employees about how to use the system. Be sure that the racks are checked regularly for loose bolts, damaged or weakened support bases, or damage on any other parts.

Don't use the racks as stairs to get to higher levels. Do your best to plan the system out so there is adequate spacing in between each rack to allow enough space in the aisle for navigation. Do not try to overload the racks just to fit "one more thing" because each rack is tested to a specific and safe load limit. Be sure that you don't reuse any parts or materials for the rack that are damaged, even temporarily, and always replace weak or damaged parts immediately.

Advantages of Implementing a Pallet Racking System

  • Holds a good amount without taking up much space
  • Cut down on construction costs- no need for extra shelving or the like to store merchandise
  • Acts as temporary or permanent storage depending on your needs
  • Amount of storage is easily increased level by level or by adding extra systems
  • Inexpensive

Disadvantages of Implementing a Pallet Racking System

  • Aisles that are too narrow from rows of pallet racks
  • Cost can end up being expensive if you are not able to properly plan, organize, and implement a design to hold everything
  • Access to inventory can be limited depending on how the system is designed

These advantages and disadvantages can help you determine if you are interested in a pallet rack system. The distributor can also give you an idea if such a system will work for your needs. Be sure to follow these safety instructions and any that you may be given when you install your pallet racks. Safety is the priority because a hurt worker or damaged goods will only hurt your business and negate the benefits of using pallet racks altogether. Contact a company like Patton Equipment Company, Inc. for more information.