Cool Electrical Upgrades To Do In Your Home

As a home owner, you take pride in the little details that makes your house truly feel like home. When you bought the house, you spent weekend hours upgrading items large and small. Now, holes are patched, the backyard has a new deck, and every sink in the house boasts new faucets. How else can you improve your home? Consider making some electrical improvements listed below. 

Benefits of Electrical Upgrades

Sure, you may think to repaint your home before changing any electrical features in your home. After all, painting is less technical. However, the benefits of electrical upgrades can't be overlooked. Make these changes and see your home's value increase. This will build equity in your home, and improve resale value if you ever decide to move. Plus, some of the ideas below help you save money on your electricity bill in the long-run. 

Update Outlets

USB Outlets

The first and easiest change you can make is to upgrade all of your electrical outlets. Each room contains a handful of outlets and provides power for TVs, kitchen appliances, lamps, computers, and more. USB-chargers seem to be the new standard when it comes to charging phones, tablets, and other entertainment devices. Why not outfit a few key outlets to charge USB-powered items straight from the wall? You'll eliminate the need for that middle-man AC adapter completely. 

Recessed Outlets

Or, if you're more concerned with furniture placement and bulky plugs, consider installing recessed outlets. These outlets simply indent into the wall a couple of inches to hide the bulbous section of any electronic plug. These recessed outlets are especially for places where furniture needs to sit right against the wall. You'll never have that unsightly 3-inche gap behind TV consoles or couches again. 

Extension Cord Outlets 

If you use extension cords more than USB chargers, you can change out some regular plugs for high-tech extension cord outlets. These removable outlets connect to built-in wall extension cords that roll back into the wall when not in use. Say goodbye to power strips and tangled wires. 

Install Solar Panels

Once you have new power outlets, you may want to move to a larger electrical project. Hire a contractor who completes residential electrical services to install solar panels on your roof. This is a complicated electrical job that will harness the power of the sun to run your appliances. Most states offer tax cuts for homeowners who install solar panels. Not to mention, your investment will pay for itself within a few years.

Upgrade to Radiant Floor Heating

Lastly, add radiant heating to the most frequently used spaces in your home. This in-floor heating system can run on electrical or heated water power. Because it heats from the ground up, it keeps you warmer using less electricity than traditional heaters can. 

Make these electrical upgrades in your home, and enjoy a more comfortable and high-tech way of life. 

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