3 Tips for Keeping Your Keys Secure

When it comes to keeping your home secure, you can't be too safe. One of the weakest links in your home security chain is actually your keys, so it helps to have some idea about how to keep them from derailing your plan. Follow these tips, and talk to your locksmith about any other options that would work for your particular situation.

Avoid Handing Out All-purpose Keys

Often when you have several people doing different tasks for you—like house cleaners, babysitters, or others—you hand over a key to make life easier for everyone. Just as often, that key is one that unlocks all of the exterior doors of your home. Instead, try selecting just one door for all of your outsourced help. Have a locksmith key that lock to one that is different from your other doors, and make copies of that key. Then, just like a car's valet key, you have a way to limit at least some of the access to your home. Also, if you have to rekey the lock, you only have to rekey the one door.

Find an Alternative to Leaving a Spare with Someone Else

Have you ever left a spare key with a neighbor or someone else that you trust? While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's not always the most secure solution. You can keep a spare key in your wallet or in the glove box of your car, but that's not always convenient, either. Another option is to set up a lock box on your property. These are the same kinds of key holding solution that realtors use. With a simple combination, you can unlock the box and use the key inside. If you need to give someone one-time access to your home, it's easy to change the combination later.

Keep Your Keys Secure When You're Out and About

It's easy to forget that your keys need to be kept secure at all times. Even when you're at work or in situations that you don't have significant reason to mistrust anyone around you, it's good practice to keep your keys in a pocket or purse. It's very easy for someone to remove a key from a key ring or to make a wax copy of a key. Granted, friends and family are not as likely to have nefarious intent, but it's better to keep keys safely stowed all the time for safety.

If it's time for you to implement some of these safety tips for your home, contact an experienced locksmith like Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC. Before you know it, you'll have the options that you need in place to keep your home secure.