How To Cut And Lay Engineered Floors

The most attractive feature of engineered floors is that they are made for easy self-installation. The modular design makes it possible for most homeowners to easily handle the installation. Of course, the project still requires the use of power tools and you will need to do a lot of lifting and bending over. Don't take on the project if you feel like you cannot handle the work. The most technical part of the installation process is cutting the boards to size. This article explains this process and what tools are necessary.

Starting to Lay the Planks

Luckily, most of the planks will not need to be cut. You only need to cut the boards at the ends of the wall. You want to start at one wall and work the other way. However, you don't want to start with full planks in each row. For every other row you should start with a half board. This staggers the design to create a tile effect. It also ensures that all the seams do not line up, making the floor more durable.

Once the cuts are made along the starting wall, you can lay the planks very quickly. You don't need to make any more cuts until you reach the wall on the other end of the room.

Cutting the End Planks

The planks along the end of the wall obviously need to be cut precisely. Your planks will slide under the baseboard on the wall, so you have about 1" of wiggle room. However, these margins are still quite tight, so you need to make sure your cuts are accurate. One technique is to hold the plank along the floor where it is going to be installed, and put it against the wall. The planks will overlap with the piece that is already installed. Mark exactly where they meet, then cut along that line. The piece should now fit perfectly into the gap. This eliminates the step of measuring with tape and it usually gives you more accurate results.

This quicker and more accurate cutting technique is even easier if you have two people working on the floor. One person can be on the floor marking the boards while the other makes all the cuts. This also makes it easier on your body since you don't need to be repeatedly bending up and down.

Learning how to properly cut the planks to size will make your installation process much quicker.

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