How A Well Pump Works

No too long ago, if you lived in the country, you had to walk to the well and hand-pump the water to the surface so you could use it for washing, cooking, bathing and other household uses. Even after city water systems became commonplace, many rural households still used these basic mechanical devices. Today, wells are still used in many outlying areas. However, modern technology has made it possible for water to be delivered directly to household faucets via automatic well pumps

What is a well pump?

When you live outside of the municipal water system, your household operates on a water system that is independent from that of your neighbors. As in years past, a well is dug on your property to access the water table beneath the ground. However, modern systems use an electrical or mechanical pump to bring water to the surface and into your home without your having to walk out to the well and hand-pump the water.

How a well pump works

A well pump keeps the water accessible so that when you turn on a faucet in your home water will be instantly available. How it gets the water from the well to the faucet depends on what type of well pump you have. There are two basic types of pumps--jet pumps and submersible pumps. Jet pumps are commonly used when the water table is relatively near the surface (and the water doesn't have to travel too far to reach your home.) Jet pumps work using suction, with a vacuum in a tube that draws the water up to the surface and through your indoor plumbing fixtures. This type of pump works best on wells where the water level is no more than 25 feet below the surface. A submersible pump is designed for wells where the water table is far below ground level. This type of pump works by pushing the water up rather than suctioning it up.

Most well systems have a storage tank that holds water in ready for you to turn on a faucet. This makes the water available more quickly and helps to keep the water pressure constant. As the water level in the storage tank drops, the pump will be activated to release the water than has been used. Well pumps are not designed to be turned on and off repeatedly. A sensor lets the system know when the storage tank level dips to a certain level.

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