5 Tips To Help You Be A Better Crane Operator

If you don't operate a crane on a regular basis, it helps to stay on top of the latest safety tips within the industry. Here are five tips that will help you be a better crane operator the next time you have to operate one. 

#1 Always Check The Ground Before Setting Up Your Crane

Before you bring in your crane and set it up for a job, you should always check the ground conditions. Make sure that the ground is firm and can support the weight of your crane and the loads that you will have suspended from your load.

If the ground is too soft or the slope is too steep, see if the site manager can provide an alternative location for your crane or if they can fix up the crane site before you set-up your crane.

#2 Be Aware Of Any Changes In Conditions

Just because a location was sturdy and secure for your crane when you set it up does not mean that it will stay that way. Be vigilant of changing conditions. As the work on your construction site progresses, assess and determine if your location is secure or if your crane needs to be moved. 

If there is a big change in weather, make sure that your site is still secure. Extremely hot weather could dry up the soil your crane is on and make it too soft. Lots of rain and snow could also compromise the site of your crane. Whenever the weather changes dramatically, reinspect the site of your crane and make sure that it is secure before you get to work.

#3 Check Your Crane Before Every Shift

At the start of every shift, you need to walk around your crane and inspect it. You should be on the lookout for MESH issues - mechanical, electrical, structural and hydraulic. 

After you inspect the outside of your crane, you need to check all the fluid levels in your crane and make sure that you don't need any more gas or oil. If you do, refill the fluids before you get to work so that your crane will be operating at top efficiency. 

#4 Read Your Load Charts

Before you start up your crane, go over your load sheets for the day. Make sure that you understand what you will be moving and where you will be moving it to. You should also make sure that your crane can handle all the jobs on the load chart. If any changes need to be made, discuss them with the manager or foreman on the job. 

#5 Turn Off The Technology

Finally, when you get inside of your crane, remember that you are operating a heavy piece of machinery that can result in serious consequences and damages if handled incorrectly. You should not have anything on you that will distract you while you are operating your crane. Turn off your cell phone and put away any other technology devices that will distract you while you are operating your crane.

Following the five tips outlined above will help make you a better and safer crane operator. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at A C Jones Trucking Inc.