DIY Solutions For A Leaking Pipe

If one of your pipes develops a crack, it will continue to leak, costing you money in wasted water and water damage. Hiring a plumber to repair or replace your pipe is the best option, but if you are not able to hire a plumber immediately, you might need a temporary solution.

Pipe Repair Preparation

Before you begin working on your pipe, turn off the main water supply. Afterward, you will want to run all faucets that are above the leaking pipe until no more water comes out. This will help prevent water from spraying out when repairing the pipe. Wipe the pipe clean so you can locate the crack and repair it.

Duct Tape

The fastest solution for fixing a pipe that has a leak is to wrap duct tape around it. By doing so, you will sometimes be applying enough pressure to where your pipe will not leak. This might hold you off until you can have your pipe repaired. However, there are some instances where the amount of pressure coming out of the pipe is so great that duct tape isn't enough to stop it.


Epoxy products are designed specifically to fix leaks such as pipe cracks. Make sure to choose a version designed specifically for plumbing. Squeeze the epoxy out of the tube and onto the crack until it is completely covered. Wait for the epoxy to completely dry before turning the water on again. Check the repair to make sure that water is not seeping out. This is not a permanent solution because the epoxy will not last forever, but it can hold you over until you can hire a plumber.

Slip Coupling

Slip coupling products are another option. You will need to cut out a section of the pipe that does not have a crack. Then, deburr the pipe to create a smooth surface that can be perfectly flush against the O-ring. There will be a portion of the coupling that will be marked "slip end." Place this end over the pipe. Then, slide the other end over the other side of the pipe. This will create a tight seal.

Hiring A Plumbing Repair Expert

Sometimes, you cannot repair the pipe yourself because it is in a location you cannot reach. Or, you might simply want a permanent solution to your cracked pipe. If so, you will need to hire a plumbing repair specialist. Get more information about plumbing repair here.