Whose Job Is It To Maintain Your Trees That Are Near Power Lines?

Most power companies will trim trees away from electric wires on public property or along easements. For example, if there is a tree in the space between a sidewalk and a road that may start to grow into the power lines, the power company will trim the branches or cut down the tree. But what happens to trees that are on your property? Those trees can be a risk to the power lines as well. 

The Power Company

In many cases, the power company will come in and do the original tree work. That means that they will trim the tree, even if it's on private property. That is especially true if the tree threatens major power lines. If the tree on your property will create blackouts to more than just your house, the power company can use that as an appropriate justification to remove or trim that tree. However, after they do the original work, they generally don't come back to do any work. That's up to you. 

Tree Service

After the power company does the original work, or if they determined that the tree is your responsibility, it's up to you to maintain the tree. While you can do all the trimming yourself, it can be dangerous for you to do it yourself. There are a number of reasons that it's dangerous for you to trim trees on your own, let alone trees that are around power lines. One is that you may not have all the proper tools to handle the job. If you are trying to cut a tree branch and you don't have the right tool, you can end up hurting yourself. You also risk the chance of electrocuting yourself if you are trimming around a power line. That's why it's better to have a tree service come in and do the maintenance for you. The tree service techs will have the right tools to do the job. Even better, they will have the training to do the job correctly. That training will include knowing where on the tree it's best to trim. Another reason to have the tree service do the trimming around power lines is that the tools that they have will have some insulating properties. That means they will be at lower risk for getting hurt while they are trimming the tree. 

Trees and power lines don't always play well together. The power company will do some maintenance for the trees, but you will have to arrange to have some maintenance done as well. 

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