How To Change Garage Door Panels

Most garage door repairs need to be done by professionals. However, if one or more of your panels have a cosmetic defect, you can usually fix or change them yourself. Most garage doors are made with removable panels that allows you to easily change them out. The great thing about learning how to replace your garage door panels is the fact that you can use the techniques to change all of your panels to give your garage a completely new look. Whether you are changing just one damaged panel, or all of them at once, this article will be useful.

Making Sure the Frames Aren't Bent

Before you replace any of your panels, you need to check to make sure that the frames are not bent. To do this you will need to inspect them from the inside of your garage. If any of the frames are kinked or bent, it might be very difficult to remove and replace the panels.

Removing the Panels

All you really need to remove the panels is a cordless power drill and another person to help out. You will need to loosen the bolts that secure the panel from the inside of the garage. The other person will have to be outside the garage holding the panel so it does not fall out. The risk is not that you will damage the panel, obviously it doesn't really matter what happens to the panel since you are replacing it anyways. However, if you remove the screws from one side of the panel and it starts to fall out, it could bend the other side of the frame where the screws are still attached. The panels are lightweight, but protecting your frame is definitely a two-man job.

Installing the Panels

Installing the new panel is very easy. First, it is very important that you use new bolts. You don't want to use the old bolts that could have become stripped during the installation and removal. Second, to be safe you should always order the replacement panels from the actual manufacturer of your garage door. This way you can be absolutely sure that your panels will fit before you begin the project that being said, don't remove your old panels until your new product is delivered to your house.

Changing your garage door panels is a great way to change the style of your home. You can also replace your panels with a new product that has better insulation. 

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