A New Kitchen With No Budget? 5 Ways It’s Possible

Do you want a remodeled, updated kitchen? You're not alone. But if you can't find money in the budget for a real renovation -- which can cost $15,000 for even a "minor" remodel -- there are ways to get a good effect with even the tightest of budgets. Here are 5 cheap ways to bring your kitchen into the modern world. 

Paint. It's remarkable what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make in a well-trodden room like your kitchen. If the room feels small or gloomy, try painting the walls a bright white or other neutral (such as cream, grey or a very soft pastel) to make it seem larger. Or update cabinets with a solid neutral color to make them blend in better. Do you already have neutral walls? Try going for a bold accent color or accent wall. 

Change Hardware. Accessorizing can change the overall look of the room. Remove your old cabinet hardware, faucet and light fixtures and swap them out for new kitchen accessories. Try popular modern finishes like nickel, satin stainless steel or bronze. Or paint your cabinet hardware a new, fun color to give it some energy. 

Add a Focal Point. Swap out your old overhead lighting for a unique and eye-catching hanging pendant lamp. Or use a little creativity and interior paint to create an interesting pattern on one accent wall -- diamonds, stripes, a mural or a favorite food-related quotation. Backsplash tile is inexpensive and can be used to create a great wall-based focal point near the cabinetry. 

Add Functionality. If you can't spend the money to modernize your whole kitchen, focus on one or two areas in which you can improve the working functionality of the kitchen. The reason behind this? If you're happier as a cook or when you spend time working in it, the kitchen will seem more pleasing overall. Modernize the range, refrigerator or dishwasher with energy-efficient, matching models. Shift traffic flow out of the cooking space by creating a coffee station, kids' area, or snack station. 

Create Storage. If the kitchen feels small, inefficient or lacking in counter space, you could have a storage problem. Many kitchens lack sufficient storage and cooks often don't want to purge useful kitchen tools to make space. The solution? Add storage to make your kitchen feel brand new. You could start with some sliding in-cabinet storage or lazy Susan storage systems. Remove an unused kitchen table and bring in a butcher block-style island for more work space. Use under-cabinet space and walls to hang small appliances and your favorite tools that may normally sit on the counter. 

By using these simple tips, you can transform your old kitchen into an exciting new place to work and cook -- all while not breaking the bank. 

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