Building A Custom Pool: 3 Pool Features To Consider Having If You Own A Dog

Nothing can combat heat from hot, summer months as well as an outdoor pool. A custom pool can definitely enhance not only the market value of your property, but will definitely give you something to look forward to during hotter months. When designing a custom pool that will fit perfectly with the architectural styling of your home, you should also consider features that will affect the practicality of the pool – especially if you own a dog. If your dog will be spending time with you in the pool, here are 3 features you should definitely consider.

Smooth, Plaster Surfaces Rather than Tile or Aggregate Finishes

If you speculate that your dog might be spending some quality time inside the pool as well, opt for a smooth, plaster finish rather than a tile or aggregate finish. This is because your dog will likely shed quite a lot of fur into the pool. Removing fur from smooth, plaster surfaces will be a lot easier, as the fur will not have the opportunity to get caught and stuck in nooks and crannies that can otherwise be found in tile or aggregate finishes. With plaster surfaces, you can simply hose the pool clean.

In addition, white plaster is a great option because it looks classy and is relatively inexpensive. Generally speaking, the plaster will last approximately 5 to 7 years before showing any signs of wear.

Sloped Floors or Easily Accessible Shallow Steps

Getting out of the pool will not be as easy for your furry friend, as it cannot simply lift itself out of the pool. Make sure that safety comes first with any custom pool you want to have built. Your dog should be able to get out easily even if it accidentally falls in. Incorporate sloped floors or easily accessible shallow steps into the design of the pool. This way, your dog will be able to at least swim to safety even if it falls into the deep end.

Shaded Areas for Keeping Cool

Dogs can easily overheat from the hot, summer sun. Your dog won't be getting a lot of relief in the pool if it is directly exposed to the sun. If your dog's temperature exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit, it may appear sluggish or become unresponsive from having a heat stroke.

Add shaded areas to keep your dog cool. You can either build parts of the pool underneath a tree or a shaded region or you can have the custom pool builders design the pool in a way that you can stretch tarps and shade cloths overhead parts of the pool.


Enjoy swimming and lounging around in your custom pool with your dog by including the features mentioned above. An outdoor pool will not only be a treat for you, but also for your furry friend as well.  For more information on swimming pools, talk to a professional like