2 Reasons Why You Should Have A Cracked Windshield Replaced

One of the most important components on your vehicle is your windshield, mostly due to the fact that a cracked or damaged windshield can greatly reduce your safety while operating your vehicle. Listed below are two reasons to have a cracked windshield replaced as soon as possible. 

Keeps You In The Vehicle

One of the biggest ways that a windshield keeps you safe is by keeping you inside the vehicle if you end up in a head-on collision. If you or one of your passengers has a broken seat belt or has not put on the seat belt, the windshield is meant to be a kind of the last line of defense against being ejected from the vehicle and into the road. 

However, if your windshield has a large crack on it, then the windshield's integrity and strength are greatly affected. In that situation, if you were to fly forward without a seat belt to hold you in place, the chances of the windshield simply shattering when a body hits go up.

Supports The Roof Of The Vehicle

Another way that a windshield can keep you safe when it is in good shape is by supporting the roof of your vehicle. The purpose of this is to keep the roof of the vehicle from coming down on you and your passengers if the vehicle is involved in a rollover accident. The windshield can provide up to 60% of the roof's structural integrity during a rollover accident, which makes it vital that you have it repaired or replaced if it is cracked.

Guides The Airbags

Finally, you will want to have a cracked windshield replaced in order to ensure that your airbags deploy correctly. The reason for this is that your vehicle's airbags use the windshield to shape and guide them into position. If the windshield is cracked or otherwise damaged, the explosive deployment of the airbags could simply break the windshield and end up positioned in a way that doesn't really protect you or your passengers.

Contact a windshield repair service today to get more information and in order to have your windshield inspected and to discuss how a replacement can make you and your passengers safer. Your windshield is responsible for keeping you safe by preventing you from being ejected from the cabin in a head-on collision, supporting the roof of the vehicle, and guiding the airbags into the required position for them to be effective.