Why You Should Invest In Stud Welding Equipment

Are you getting ready to invest in welding equipment for your new business? If you are undecided on choosing welding equipment, you might want to go with stud welding products because it is more beneficial than flash. You want to make sure that you can offer your customers a high quality of welding services to build your business reputation. In this article, you will find out why stud welding is more ideal than using the flash method.

Painted Metal Can Be Safely Welded

Opting for stud welding equipment is beneficial if you will be creating bonds for metal parts that are painted. You won't have to worry about the paint getting damaged as the bonds are being created. It is not a good idea to use flash welding equipment when creating bonds for painted metal. Basically, the paint can end up damaged because an excessive amount of metal flies all over the place.

You Will Have Less Metal to Clean Up

Stud welding is ideal over flash if you don't want a big mess to clean at the end of each day. One of the features of stud welding equipment is a ceramic shield. The shield comes in handy while welding because it prevents small metal pieces from flying too far away from the workspace. The metal pieces will hit the ceramic shield and fall down to a single space. You will then only have to clean the little space.

Complicated Parts Can Be Welded

With flash welding, you might not be able to weld parts if you are not able to access the front and back of them. The design of the equipment would make the task too hard to accomplish. However, you can weld a wide range of parts via the stud welding method. You will only need access to one side of the parts that are being welded.

Your Customers Projects Will Have Stronger Bonds

Metal parts that are welded via the stud technique are more durable than the ones bonded with flash welding equipment. The studs that are used during the process create more security between the two parts that are being welding. The studs are typically stronger than the metal parts being welded, which is why the bonds are much stronger than flash welding bonds. Get in touch with a dealer that sells stud welding equipment, such as Northland Fastening Systems, so you can get what you need to service your customers with satisfaction.