3 Tips For Designing A Fireplace

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room. Even though a fireplace is a source of heat during the cold winter months, it can help to make a visual impact on visitors. If you are in the process of designing your fireplace, here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a design that complements your home's style. 

Remember Size Does Matter 

The size of the fireplace can not only have an impact on the overall look of a room, but it can also influence the amount of heat generated in the space. For instance, a small fireplace might not provide the desired levels of heat. By contrast, a fireplace that is too large might prove to be too much for a room.  

When selecting a fireplace for a room, you have to consider the wall length, room area, and ceiling height. Measure these areas and compare them to the recommended room sizes that accompany the fireplace.  

Focus on the Room's Current Style 

The fireplace should complement a room and not clash with it. For instance, if your room is very ornate, a fireplace that is simplistic might not fit into the current style.  

The material you choose for the fireplace plays a major role in the style. Marble fireplaces are a popular choice and fit well in most settings, but marble is an expensive material choice. Fortunately, there are many other materials choices that are just as stylish as marble, but at a more affordable price. Some homeowners are turning to materials, such as polished concrete and brick, that can be both elegant and affordable.  

Be Creative With Your Design Choices 

You do not have to stick to a plain design for your fireplace. Adding features to the fireplace can help it to stand out more in the room. For instance, instead of a plain liner, opt for a custom painted finish to the fireplace. You could even add a glass flooring with multi-colored LED lighting.  

The placement of your fireplace also does not have to be standard. You could place the fireplace in a corner. Your fireplace could even be placed in the wall separating two rooms and be visible on both sides.

To find the best design option for your fireplace, work with a contractor. He or she can help determine the right size fireplace for the room and also help with selecting a design that fits well with your room's current style.