Have Two Kids Growing Up In The Same Room? Build A Partition Wall To Give Them Privacy

Buying a home is best done when you think long and hard about your life both in the present and the future. You may have thought two or three bedrooms was perfectly fine, even with having a child. But, if you chose to have another baby after the first one, the only comfortable living situation may require sharing bedrooms. This is an ideal way to stay in your current home, especially if it is one that you love. But, it is expected for there to be a few road bumps over time as your kids want to have some form of privacy. An excellent solution is to build a partition wall somewhere in the bedroom to achieve this goal.

Choose the Second Largest Bedroom

When adding a partition wall to separate a bedroom, you do not want to start with a small room. Aside from the master bedroom, you should pick the largest room in the house for this project. This will keep the room from feeling excessively small after putting in such a permanent and distinct divider.

Get Creative with the Design

A basic wall partition that measures 8 feet in height and at least 18 feet in length will cost you between $400 and $1,500, so you can expect to get a small, straight-lined partition for an even lower price. If you know that the final number will not come anywhere close to the budget that you have, you should consider implementing some creativity into the design of the partition wall to make it unique-looking. Leaving gaps on the top and bottom is one way to keep the room feeling open while still giving privacy.

Let Your Kids Make Some Choices

As long as your children are old enough to make important decisions together, you should consider bringing them into the mix, especially because they will be the ones most affected by the addition. You can make it a little easier by giving them a few possibilities, as opposed to giving them free reign. One scenario is for the partition to act as a barrier between their work and play area and the beds. This will give the room a multipurpose feel, and it is just one way that it can work well in your kids' bedroom. Another option is to put the partition up to separate each of their beds. This will give them privacy whenever they want to spend time in their own personal space, which they may end up preferring.

Adding a partition wall with your kids' input will help you give them what they want while growing up. For more information or assistance, visit websites like http://www.maxwellconstructionco.com.