Busting The Biggest Misconceptions About Wet Basements With Actual Facts

Basements are a nice commodity to have in a home. They offer shelter in serious wind storms, extra storage space, and as an added bonus, the basement is most often a comfortable temperature with or without climate control. However, having a basement in a home does not come without its pitfalls, and to make matters worse, there are some pretty prevailing fallacies where basements and water are concerned. If you have just moved into a home with a basement that stays damp or even has the occasional puddle, it is a good idea to eliminate the misconception that you may have believed all along. 

Misconception: Basements are always a little wet. 

Fact: This is absolutely not the truth. Older basements have a notorious reputation for having water problems, and the reasoning is simply because building technology and materials just weren't what they are today. If you move into a more modern home with a basement, there is a high likelihood that the space will remain dry for the long term unless something out of the ordinary occurs, like a major ground shift. 

Misconception: No matter how much you try to waterproof a basement, it will never be completely dry. 

Fact: You would be amazed at just how many modern techniques there are to waterproof a basement if you are working with a well-skilled contractor. Some of the most common forms of waterproofing are

  • using injected sealants
  • painting on layered sealants 
  • installing interior and exterior drainage systems
  • exterior waterproofing applications

If you hire a waterproofing contractor to get your basement dry, they will likely use a combination of these techniques to help you see the greatest end result. Believe it or not, some waterproofing techniques are so effective, you could see your basement dry for the long term, even during periods of heavy rain. 

Misconception: A basement with a little moisture is really not that big of a deal. 

Fact: A lot of homeowners mistakenly believe that the dampness in a basement is just normal and really is no big deal. However, even just an elevated humidity level is enough to create an issue in the basement. High humidity over long periods can lead to mold and mildew development, compromised framing, and even problems with pests who prefer humid climates as their living spaces. Therefore, even if the moisture issue in a basement is minimal, it is a good idea to have someone take a look.