4 Tips For Preventing The Need For Chimney Repair

Chimney repairs are definitely something you want to try and avoid because they can be expensive. Plus, this means that your chimney is not being handled properly, which you will want to learn how to avoid, as well. To prevent this from becoming an issue in your home, you will want to consider these four tips for preventing the need for chimney repairs:

  1. Regularly Clean the Chimney: By regularly cleaning the chimney, it means hiring a professional chimney sweep to properly clean the chimney, not simply dusting it down yourself. It's important that you have a chimney sweep take care of the chimney because they will have the proper tools to reach up in the chimney to actually remove all the soot that has gathered. This is important for proper ventilation and to prevent a possible house fire. 
  2. Use Heat Proof Glass: By installing heat proof glass, you prevent all of the soot and ashes from escaping the fireplace when you have it on. This is important for ensuring that the ashes and soot don't cause damage to the foundation of the chimney or the flooring and furniture in your home. On top of this, it will make your fireplace work more efficiently because the soot and ashes will easily leave from the chimney escape instead of through the opening into your home. 
  3. Burn the Right Type of Wood: Burning hardwood is the best type of wood to burn in a wood burning fireplace. This is because if you burn softwood, it will easily burn faster, which can potentially lead to a fire. On top of this, it leaves much more of a mess for you to clean up, which can potentially cause damages to your chimney if not cleaned much more often. 
  4. Get Inspections: Finally, be sure that you receive regular inspections by your local chimney repair company. They will be able to tell whether or not there are certain issues that need to be addressed right away so that you can avoid major and expensive repairs later on in the future. You should get an inspection every year before you start using the fireplace once the winter season arrives. 

When you know these four tips, you can easily prevent major chimney repairs that can definitely cost a ton of money and potentially lead to dangerous problems, such as a house fire, in which case there will be even more costs to endure. Click here for more information about chimney repairs.