Got Mice In Your Vinyl Siding? Eliminate The Problem With These Simple Tips

Ask many homeowners what kind of siding they prefer and there's a pretty good chance they will mention vinyl. Vinyl siding gives your home the exterior cladding it needs to be attractive, insulated, and protected. Plus, it is one of the less expensive home siding options. While vinyl siding has all kinds of perks and advantages, there is one small pitfall that can cause a little concern. Mice love to make the cozy areas behind sheets of siding their home. If you have discovered a rodent problem behind your vinyl siding, this is an issue you will want to eliminate as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of the mice behind your vinyl siding. 

Find the gaps around the bottom where the little rodents are getting in. 

A mouse can squeeze through even the smallest gaps, which can make it really difficult to keep them out of vinyl siding that is not properly installed or has small crevices along the bottom. Take a close look at the bottom edge of the vinyl siding on your home, if there is a gap between the bottom run of siding and the home's foundation, this very well could be the problem. You can usually eliminate this problem by using a good tube of latex adhesive caulking to fill in the gaps around the bottom of the siding. 

Check for holes where sections of siding meet. 

Vinyl siding is installed in pieces and often goes up in a shingled fashion so there are no obvious seams. Check the areas where one piece of vinyl siding meets the next to see if the pieces are firmly snapped together. If you have small holes that are large enough to slide a pencil or finger through, a mouse can get in, so take some time to push these pieces together firmly until you feel it snap together. 

Have damaged vinyl siding sections replaced. 

If you have just one section of vinyl siding that is damaged, whether it is a gash caused by a weedeater or a hole caused by a hail stone, it is imperative that you get these issues tended to right away. This kind of damage gives mice and other pests easy to access to the space between the siding and your house. In most cases, a good vinyl siding contractor can quickly repair the damaged areas in just a few hours. 

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