5 Tips For Receiving Your Crushed Gravel Order

Many companies that supply crushed gravel for construction and landscaping purposes will deliver the gravel directly to your home. This can be convenient if you do not have a truck of your own, but there are some steps you will need to take to make sure the gravel is delivered without any problems. Below are some of the ways you can prepare to receive your crushed gravel order

Check and Double Check Your Order Amount 

Most deliveries require a minimum amount and an extra charge on your account. This means that getting small amounts delivered may be costly or difficult. Because of this, it is important that you get enough gravel for your entire project with your first delivery. You can use a gravel calculator to get the exact amount you will need. Make sure you take exact measurements. Do not simply estimate the area you will be covering. Also, you may want to order a little extra to make sure you get the full coverage you want. This will ensure that you will not have to place a second delivery order or go pick up extra gravel on your own. 

Pick a Delivery Site 

Ideally, your delivery site will be close to where you plan to use the gravel so you do not have to transport it across your property. If you are using it on a driveway, the gravel company may be able to deliver directly on your prepared site. Otherwise, you will need to pick which side of the driveway you want the gravel dumped on to have it near your project. Keep in mind that grave trucks are large and heavy, so they can cause cracking on delicate surfaces such as tiling. Pick a strong and preferably rugged area for your concrete to be delivered. 

Prepare the Delivery Site 

Deliveries are usually made within a window. You should make sure your delivery site is prepared well before your delivery window opens. Make sure all gates are unlocked and any obstacles are cleared out of the way so the delivery truck can easily maneuver around your property. If necessary, make sure you have talked with your neighbors or housing association ahead of time so there are no issues when the order arrives. 

Communicate With Your Provider 

Most gravel providers can deliver your order in a short time, sometimes 1-2 days after you place your order. With this quick turnaround, your order is being prepped soon after you place it. Make sure you keep your provider aware of any changes as soon as you know them. You should also thoroughly describe your delivery site just in case you are unable to be there when your gravel is delivered. That way, the truck driver will be sure of where they should place your order. 

Decide Between Dumped or Spread Delivery

Most gravel companies offer both dumped and spread deliveries. Dumped deliveries are deliveries that are dumped in a single pile at your delivery site. These are quick deliveries and can be a good option if you will have to transport your gravel to a secondary work site. The more popular delivery method is called a spread delivery. The driver will spread your gravel as evenly as possible over a small area as they dump it. This is a great option if you are using gravel on a driveway or in a French drain near your street. You should keep in mind that you will still have to do some evening, spreading, and tamping of the gravel to complete your project. A spread delivery is meant to make your project easier, but not to fully complete it for you.