Why You Have To Replace The WHOLE Commercial Door When The Glass Is Broken

Breaking the glass in a commercial door is really quite the feat, since these doors can take a lot of force before the glass plates even crack. If your business needs to replace a commercial glass door, you will need to replace the entire door, and not just the glass. Here are some reasons why.

The Metal Frame is Welded Together

Looking at a commercial door, you can see that the metal frame is welded together. It cannot come apart to allow for the replacement of just the glass without damaging the frame in the process. Additionally, some commercial doors contain not just one, but two thick panels of glass, which means that you could cause damage to the second pane of glass by attempting to take apart the metal frame.

The Energy Efficiency Rate can be Compromised

If you have a commercial door with two thick panes of glass and only one pane of glass appears to be broken, the energy efficiency rate of the glass is still compromised. Usually, argon-E glass fills the space between the two panes, but with one or both panes broken, the gas has escaped. Just replacing one pane of glass still leaves the door devoid of the argon-E, which is injected between the glass plates during manufacturing. No matter how good your commercial glass door replacement is, your window and door technician cannot inject this gas back into the space it was meant to occupy.

The Force Needed to Break the Glass May Have Bent the Door Frame

The force needed to break the glass on a commercial door can bend the door frame as well. If the door seems even slightly off track or cannot close fully, you know that what broke the glass also damaged the door frame. If you had a technician try to replace just the glass, he or she would be hard-pressed to put the glass back in a frame that is not entirely straight and even. Even if the glass could be put in the frame, a bend in the frame would prevent the door from working properly. Hence, you would have to replace the entire door anyway.

The Security of the Door is in Question

Which would you trust: the door that was only partially repaired, or the door that was fully replaced? Would you risk the door that does not close perfectly, or would you insist on a door that cannot be jimmied by an intruder because it is brand new? These are definitely some security issues to think about when you are trying to decide how to best repair your commercial door. Contact a professional company, such as Creative Door Inc, to learn about door replacement options.