Protecting A House Against Hurricane Damage

Have you been too afraid to move to a town that you love because of the high rate of hurricanes? If you are concerned that buying a house will end up being a wasted investment, there is something that can be done to give you more security. Your goal should be to do everything to secure the house against hurricane damage, such as getting windows that are able to withstand strong winds. Even if a hurricane happens to cause damage to your house, you can money for repairs can possibly be obtained. The tips that are listed in this article will give you a general idea of how a house in an area that is prone to having hurricanes can be protected.

1. Take Advantage of Storm Impact Windows

Storm impact windows are a worthy investment when living in an area that is known for having hurricanes, as they are stronger than average and can remain in good shape even when wind speeds are extreme. It is also difficult for debris to shatter storm impact windows because of the materials that they are constructed of. The level of protection that the windows will provide depends on which type you choose. Doors can be purchased with the windows as well. For instance, if you buy a house that has patio doors, you can replace them with ones that have storm impact windows.

2. Don't Plant Trees Near the House

If you love trees, it isn't wise to plant them near your house in an area that has a lot of hurricanes. The reason why is because the high winds can easy break off branches and possibly cause damage. If you want trees near the house, hire a professional to reinforce them for added strength. For example, braces and other devices can be added to the trees to give them more security against strong winds. No matter what, keeping trees away from your house is the most ideal thing to do.

3. Insure Your House Against Hurricane Damage

When it comes to hurricane damage, insurance companies might only be will to cover certain things. For instance, damage from the wind will likely be covered under the typical home insurance policy. Damage from flood water might not be included in the coverage, but you can request that it is added in a separate policy. After you have obtained the coverage, confirm with the insurance provider the specific things that are covered in a hurricane. You will then have more security in regards to being able to file a claim if it is necessary.