A Custom-Built Home Could Be The Best Option For Your Large Family

If you're planning to have a large family, then having a home custom built could be the best way to get into a home that accommodates everyone. It's not always easy to find homes with more than three bedrooms and two baths that are in good locations and affordable too. Here are some reasons choosing a custom-built home is a good choice when you have a large family.

You Can Install Shared Bathrooms

When you decide how many bedrooms the home needs, then you can work on the configuration of the bathrooms. Shared, or Jack and Jill, bathrooms are ideal for families with many kids who need to share bathrooms. These baths fit between two bedrooms, and they have a door on each side so the bathroom can be shared between the two bedrooms. A third door can be added if you want the bathroom to open up to a hallway. You may want two or three shared bathrooms in your custom home so everyone has a semi-private bathroom away from the main bathroom for the house and the master bath. Shared bathrooms take up less space in your house while allowing plenty of room for everyone to get ready for school at the same time.

Your Kitchen Can Be Tailor-Made

When you have a lot of people to feed every day, you'll need a kitchen designed to make storing food and cooking easier for you. An open kitchen with room for a large breakfast table and dining table could be ideal. A walk-in pantry provides plenty of space for a freezer and storage shelves for canned and boxed foods. You may want an island and plenty of counter space so there is room for the older kids to help with food preparation. Two sinks might also be handy so one can be used for food prep while the other is used for keeping up with dishes.

You Can Have The Basement Finished Right Away

Finishing the basement is sometimes left for later years when you decide if you need space. However, when you have a lot of kids in the house, finishing the basement could be top priority. If you know you'll use the basement for living space, the architect can take that into consideration when positioning the sump pump, furnace, and hot water heater so they're not in the middle of the room and in the way. Windows can be installed where necessary, and the height of the room can be built according to codes required for a finished basement. When your custom home is built, the basement can be completely finished and ready to use as a family room for the kids.

In addition, you may want special appliances installed, such as tankless hot water heaters to keep up with the demand for hot water, a gas fireplace to help with heating costs, and solar panels on the roof to lower the electricity bills your home generates. For more information about your options for a custom home, contact a local company like Kavin Construction.