Situations Where You Should Hire A Professional Roofing Inspection Service

As a homeowner, it is essential you maintain and keep an eye on the condition of your home's exterior and interior, as it is the first line of defense of your family's protection against the elements. Fortunately, professional roof inspectors are a great resource to help you out in determining your roof's condition and making repairs when necessary. Here are some signs and situations you may need to have your roof inspected.

When Buying a Home

During the home search process, you want to get a good idea of a home's condition before you invest money into its purchase. So, when you find a home you want to buy and make an accepted offer to purchase the home, you have a chance to hire professional inspections on the home. Within this inspection period, a roofing inspector can check your roof's interior, underlayers, and exterior, including its flashing, edging, and the valleys of your roof's surface, which can be a common location for moisture leaks.

Roof Debris in Your Yard

When you are a current homeowner, keep an eye on your roof and the exterior of your home, which can give you signs of when your roof may be nearing the end of its life. Look for roofing debris in your yard as a sign of your aging roof and hire a professional roofing inspection for any repairs.

For example, if your home is covered with an asphalt shingle roof, the shingles are coated in a layer of protective granules. When your shingles begin to near the end of their life, the granules will loosen and fall from the shingles from rain and wind storms and wash off your roof and to the ground below. If you notice a large amount of shingle granules at the exit of your gutter downspouts after a rainstorm, this can be a sign your shingles are aging excessively.

Another sign of aging shingles is when you find pieces of your shingles or entire shingles in your roof after a wind and rain storm. Compare any shingles you find in your yard to your roof's shingles and get up on your roof to look for missing pieces.

Roof Ice Dam Formation

Another reason you may need your roof inspected is due to the formation of ice dams on the edge of your roof during winter. If you can see a darker, thick layer of ice below the snow layer at the edge of your roof, this indicates your roof has formed an ice dam.

Ice dams form when snowmelt freezes on, around, and under your shingles, causing damage to the shingles. After a season of ice dams, you should talk to a roofing company like Par One Construction, Inc. about inspecting for damage in the spring after the snow and ice melts.