Turn An Airstream Into Livable Space For Your Guests

It can be a problem if you have a small home with a shortage of space but love having guests from out of town stay with you. Instead of having people sleep on the floor in your home, you might wish to think about buying an trailer, parking it in your driveway or yard, and using it as a guesthouse. Buying a trailer that needs some work is ideal, because you can renovate it so that the interior space is conducive to its new role. Your visitors will enjoy being able to stay in this unique spot and have it to themselves. Here are some projects to consider when you're renovating the trailer for this purpose.


There are several different ways to renovate a trailer so that people can sleep in it. Try to think about your typical overnight guests so that you can evaluate their bedding needs. For example, if you mainly have couples stay with you, a queen-sized bed on a bed lift can make sense. If families with children are common guests, installing a queen bed for the parents and a couple of folding single beds at the other end of the trailer can give you the space that your guests need for comfort.


While your overnight guests could certainly sleep in the trailer and then use the shower in your home, this can create a logjam of people coming in and out of the bathroom each morning. If you have the budget, consider building a small, enclosed bathroom at one end of the trailer. Many trailers have the space to accommodate showers, which will give your guests a private space to get cleaned up before they join you in your home. The bathroom can also include a composting or chemical toilet and a small sink.


You can usually expect that your guests will dine in the house with you, but it's still nice to prepare a small kitchen area in the trailer. It can feature a fold-down table and a couple of chairs or a bench seat. You'll also want to make space for a small bar-style fridge and a microwave. Including a cabinet with some basic small appliances, such as a coffee maker and toaster, as well as a shelf and drawer in which you can place a few cups, glasses, plates, bowls, and cutlery, will be convenient for your overnight guests who want to prepare a late-night snack or have a cup of coffee on their own.

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