Four Tips To Keep You Safe When Inspecting For Damage To Your Roof

It is a good idea to inspect your roof after severe storms for any damage. If you are able to spot the problems and get them fixed sooner, you will be less likely to have water problems. Hail and wind damage can sometimes be less visible. Somethings can be seen from the ground with a naked eye, but some damage needs closer inspection. If you want to inspect your roof before anyone else, it is important that you follow a few safety rules to prevent injury. Read More 

Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Construction Zone Safety Net

Safety nets are one of the conventional types of fall protection recommended by OSHA for use in construction zones where workers are exposed to vertical drops of 6 feet or more. When safety nets are properly installed and maintained, they are an effective method for saving worker lives. These tips will help you maintain your on-site safety net: Use Your Net for Its Correct Purpose Safety nets made for the construction industry will typically be made for specific applications on the construction site. Read More 

Air Conditioner Compressor and Condenser Issues

There are times when an air conditioner (AC) works too well, to the point of freezing the components inside. Whether due to operator error from running the AC for too long at maximum cold settings or failure in the parts inside, you may find yourself with frozen refrigerant lines or a completely bricked (frozen and broken) compressor. As you look through your options, consider a few inspection and testing measures that you could take to get to the bottom of the issue. Read More 

Why Pre-Built Roof Trusses Are Your Best Option

Whether you are building a brand new home or are making repairs to your existing house, you probably want the best of the best when it comes to your roof. Although you might have put a lot of thought into your other roofing materials, however, one thing that you might not have thought about is which trusses you will use. If you haven't yet thought about purchasing pre-built roof trusses, there are a few reasons to do so. Read More 

3 Tips For Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Repainting your home's interior is a relatively inexpensive way to give your home a whole new look. Your furniture, home accessories, and decorations will all look new when placed against the backdrop of a different color scheme. But how should you choose new colors for your home? Take a look at a few creative ways to use colors to change the look of your home. Try a Monochromatic Color Scheme Read More