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How A Well Pump Works

No too long ago, if you lived in the country, you had to walk to the well and hand-pump the water to the surface so you could use it for washing, cooking, bathing and other household uses. Even after city water systems became commonplace, many rural households still used these basic mechanical devices. Today, wells are still used in many outlying areas. However, modern technology has made it possible for water to be delivered directly to household faucets via automatic well pumps Read More 

How To Clean Vinyl Siding Without A Pressure Washer

Vinyl siding provides a low maintenance alternative to wood, since it doesn't have the periodic need for sanding, painting, and sealing. Although low maintenance, vinyl isn't completely no-maintenance. If you want to to keep it looking in peak condition, regular cleaning is a must. For most homes, the siding will only need cleaned once a year. If you lift in a moist or shaded area that is prone to mildew or moss, you may need to clean twice yearly. Read More 

After The Beauty Of Fall Foliage: The Beast Of Gutter Cleaning

As the saying goes: "If you dance to the music, you must pay the piper." The beautiful colors of autumn leaves put on a spectacle that can last for weeks. However, as the chill of winter approaches, and the leaves fall, many homeowners will only think of cleaning up the leaves accumulating on the ground. They should also be looking up at their gutters, which are likely filled with wet clumps of leaves that need to be removed. Read More 

How To Cut And Lay Engineered Floors

The most attractive feature of engineered floors is that they are made for easy self-installation. The modular design makes it possible for most homeowners to easily handle the installation. Of course, the project still requires the use of power tools and you will need to do a lot of lifting and bending over. Don't take on the project if you feel like you cannot handle the work. The most technical part of the installation process is cutting the boards to size. Read More 

Home Improvement Projects To Get Done This Fall

When the seasons begin to change, many homeowners begin to panic as they think about all of the projects and tasks they should have gotten done before the seasonal shift. However, if you are prepared ahead of time and have a plan for which home improvement project to perform during a specific season, you will avoid such worries. Before you become one of these homeowners who are in a panic, get to know some of the home improvement projects that you can and should get done this fall so that your home is well-prepared for the coming cold winter months. Read More