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Three Awesome Landscaping Projects To Makeover Your Garden With Wood Fencing Materials

If you want to makeover your landscaping design, there is a lot that can be done with fencing materials. You can create things like privacy fences and integrate features like seating and planters into your fence. These can be DIY projects that are simple to do or you can have features professionally installed by fence contractors. Here are some ways that you can change the look of your landscaping with fencing: Read More 

Tips For Building A Block Retaining Wall On Your Property

Retaining walls are a great aesthetic addition to your property in addition to providing necessary support for erosion. If you're looking for options to provide some reinforcement and support to your yard, a retaining wall may be the best choice. Whether you're dealing with a shift in elevation across the yard or you have concerns about soil erosion, the extra stability can be beneficial. If you've decided that you're ready to install a block wall for retention, make sure you understand the basics to get solid construction. Read More 

What to Do If Your Neighbor Starts Building on Your Property

If you have noticed your neighbor constructing a shed or swing set on what you believe is your property, you will need to act quickly in order to have the situation resolved before they finish their project. It is an awkward situation when a neighbor starts trespassing on your land and it will need to be handled properly so there are no hard feelings as a result of their mistake. Here are some steps to take when you are in a predicament involving a neighbor and a building project that is ending up on your land. Read More 

Four Tips To Keep You Safe When Inspecting For Damage To Your Roof

It is a good idea to inspect your roof after severe storms for any damage. If you are able to spot the problems and get them fixed sooner, you will be less likely to have water problems. Hail and wind damage can sometimes be less visible. Somethings can be seen from the ground with a naked eye, but some damage needs closer inspection. If you want to inspect your roof before anyone else, it is important that you follow a few safety rules to prevent injury. Read More 

Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Construction Zone Safety Net

Safety nets are one of the conventional types of fall protection recommended by OSHA for use in construction zones where workers are exposed to vertical drops of 6 feet or more. When safety nets are properly installed and maintained, they are an effective method for saving worker lives. These tips will help you maintain your on-site safety net: Use Your Net for Its Correct Purpose Safety nets made for the construction industry will typically be made for specific applications on the construction site. Read More