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3 Useful Tips When Replacing A Shingle Roof

The roof is one of the more important components of any home. Unfortunately, it's not built to last forever. If you're in this spot and have a shingle roof, these tips will get you through this replacement.  Decide on Shingle Color The great thing about shingles for residential properties is there are so many color varieties today. If you're looking to go with something different than what is currently on your home, it helps to look through some examples. Read More 

How Dredging Can Benefit Your Construction Project

Dredging is the act of removing sediment, trash, or other debris from a given area, sometimes from under water. If you are about to take on a new construction project in an area with a large amount of sediment, construction site dredging may end up being a necessity for you before work can begin. To that end, here's how construction site dredging can benefit you and your current project. Build a Trench Read More 

Laying The Foundations For Future Projects: Is It Worth It?

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you look at your property and think to yourself, "This is part of the five- or six-year plan." Of those projects that generally fall within this future plan of action are those involving concrete. However, you might reason that since you are hiring a concrete contractor for one smaller project, like pouring a driveway, you might just have the contractor pour the rest of the concrete for future projects. Read More 

2 Ways To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Your roof does a lot more than just keep the weather out of your house. It also helps to make sure that your house stays plumb and true. It does this by helping to tie all the walls together and keeping them straight. That helps to keep them from twisting or warping. Because of all the important things that your roof does, you want to make sure that you are taking good care of it. Read More 

Turn An Airstream Into Livable Space For Your Guests

It can be a problem if you have a small home with a shortage of space but love having guests from out of town stay with you. Instead of having people sleep on the floor in your home, you might wish to think about buying an trailer, parking it in your driveway or yard, and using it as a guesthouse. Buying a trailer that needs some work is ideal, because you can renovate it so that the interior space is conducive to its new role. Read More